Conferences And Talks

An important part of research is coming together with other scientists to share our research, learn from others research, and foster collaboration between labs to improve quality and speed of innovation.

  • 2022,
    28th November

    Materials Research Society Fall Conference 2022

    Location: Boston

    The world's foremost international scientific gathering for materials research, the MRS meeting showcases leading interdisciplinary research in both fundamental and applied areas presented by scientists from around the world.

  • 2022,
    14 June

    Society of Plastics Engineers INTEC Conference

    Location: Charlotte North Carolina

    SPE is hosting ANTEC® 2022, in-person, co-located with PLASTEC® South, an Informa event, at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC, from June 14-16, 2022.

  • 2021
    7th-9th November

    2021 AIChE Annual Meeting

    Location: Boston, MA

    To be held in-person at the Hynes Convention Center, Sheraton Boston and Marriott Boston Copley Place over the dates of Nov. 7-11 and virtually from Nov. 15-19, the AIChE Annual Meeting is the forum for ChEs interested in innovation and professional growth. Experts will cover wide range of topics relevant to cutting-edge research, new technologies, and emerging areas in the field.

  • 2021,
    1st November

    IEEE Sensors Conference 2021

    Location: Virtual

    EEE SENSORS 2021 is intended to provide a forum for research scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the area of sensors and sensing technology.

  • 2021
    23rd June

    My Experience with Entrepreneurship

    2 PM
    Location: University of South Florida

    Discussion about Roger Tipton's experience with entrepreneurship with REU and REI team.

  • 2020
    27th November
  • 2020
    16th November

    AICHe Annual Meeting

    Location: Virtual

  • 2020
    25th October

    IEEE Sensors 2020

    Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • 2020
    20th October

    Amazon Web Services Executive Connect

    10:00 EST
    Location: Digital

    Leaders from Finance, Marketing, Operations, and IT share best practices and lessons learned on how a culture of innovation manifests in the services and capabilities you experience daily. Concurrent breakout sessions curated for executives and line-of-business leaders feature discussions around innovating in the face of challenges and fostering experimentation opportunities to increase customer satisfaction.

  • 2020
    6 July

    Cybersecurity and the Industrial Internet of Things

    Location: Digital

    Sectors like manufacturing, energy and transport are increasingly dependent on IIoT solutions. But although adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things can have many benefits for businesses, it also exposes them to another layer of cyber-threats, potentially putting people, products and processes in danger. For example, connected devices that support production lines or distribution could be prime targets for malicious software designed to interrupt operations. This Digital Dialogue, organized by Financial Times Live in partnership with Lloyd’s Register Foundation, will discuss the evolving impact of industrial cyberattacks on operational security, human safety, productivity and other crucial areas of business.

  • 2020
    12th May

    The Financial Times Presents The Global Boardroom

    Location: Digital

    The Global Boardroom returns for its third edition to discuss the practical steps governments, business and finance can take to build a resilient, sustainable recovery, more than a year into a crisis that has crippled the global economy and fundamentally changed the way we live, work and communicate.

  • 2020
    13, April

    Materials Research Society Spring Meeting

    9:00 AM
    Location: Phoenix Convention Center

  • 2020,
    3 April
  • 2019
    15th November

    Direct Print Additive Manufacturing of Optical Fibers

    9:30 AM
    Location: NanoFlorida International Conference (NIC)

  • 2019
    12th November

    Laser Enhanced Direct Print Additive Manufacturing of Optical Fibers

    5:00 pm
    Location: AIChE Annual Meeting, Orlando

    Conference presentation by Roger Tipton on new advances in additive manufacturing of optical fibers.

  • 2019,
    20th September

    Commercialization of an IoT Big Data Value Chain: Lessons Learned from IoT Implementations

    2:00 pm
    Location: CMC 141, University of South Florida

    Seminar by Roger Tipton presented by the Interdisciplinary Data Sciences Consortium on how Big Data is generated.

  • 2019
    May 18

    Entrepreneurship and How it Happens

    Location: University of South Florida

  • 2018
    25th May

    My Experience with Entrepreneurship

    Location: University of South Florida