Dr. Roger Tipton is a leading researcher in the field of sustainable materials and the development of new products using biobased and biodegradable materials.

Our research group focuses on development of new biobased and biodegradable materials and applications to utilize these new materials in new products.  This requires our involvement in basic and applied materials science and engineering and a collaborative partnership between research and industry. We approach discovery with an interdisciplinary team of materials scientists, chemical and biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and other related disciplines.

Composite Materials

Understanding composite material performance and developing new materials for industrial applications

Sustainable Materials

Utilizing biobased materials and biodegradable materials to create new products that are better for the environment and the world.

Additive Manufacturing

A fascinating new world of product development depends on new materials and processes for additive manufacturing

Sensors and Communication

In todays connected world, developing new flexible sensor and communication applications are a strength of our team

Research Projects Include:

  • Biobased and biodegradable ice cream retail packaging
  • Using flexible sensors to improve worker health and safety
  • Composite design of high Reynolds number jet engine intake systems
  • Fluid flow development by two bladed propeller
  • Lab on a fiber devices for measuring disease biomarkers
  • Fluid flow numerical simulation of flow in industrial vacuum material handling systems

Dr. Tipton is building a team of researchers to solve some of todays important problems

Having a great team and focusing their energy into solving new materials science problems leads to amazing new discoveries.

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